Trophy hunting mountain lions is unsporting, inhumane, and orphans kittens

Why a Ballot Measure?

It’s the best path forward. The vast majority of Coloradans disapprove of using electronics and hounds to deceive, chase, contain and kill wild cats all for fun and for a trophy. When systems fail to stop unethical practices that degrade wildlife and orphan kittens, citizens have every right to exercise their democratic freedoms and call for a vote of the people.

It's good for Colorado

Mountain lions, bobcats and lynx are not only beautiful animals, they bring ecological benefits to Colorado, including keeping deer herds healthy from deadly neurological chronic wasting disease and nurturing biodiversity and ecosystem health in the wake of climate change. Mountain lions reduce vehicle collisions with deer. In short, our wild cats are intrinsically and ecological valuable and it makes no sense to kill peaceful individuals for fun or to pocket cash. 

Photo courtesy of Thomas D. Mangelsen

It’s Good for Wildlife

Indiscriminate killing of predators who are not causing any problems is unwarranted and destabilizes the peaceful coexistence between humans, domestic animals and predators. The science tells us that when you randomly kill mountain lions, you artificially skew populations, create social chaos and open the door for younger animals with lesser hunting skills who are more likely to get into conflict.

Photo courtesy of Carol Baskin, Big Cat Rescue

Help our momentum grow

Our campaign has gathered significant endorsements from a multitude of diverse groups from around the country.
This momentum demonstrates the widespread support in the ballot initiative to protect Colorado's wild cats.

Mountain lions and bobcats killed by trophy hunting and trapping every year